To me, painting is largely related to overcoming toward the awareness of ‘time’. Time is not something constant, but may be like the painful reluctance of the God or something like a jelly sinking into my feet secretly.
 A scene constantly changes to another in the midst of incomprehension, a body gets old and clothing is worn out.When I am painting, sometimes I go where time can’t see only for a moment.
 Permanency that suddenly comes in everyday life is the singular point of time which stopped to pass toward death, and it is my purpose to jump into the gap.”

林  祐衣|Yui  Hayashi  

プロフィール | profile

 2013年に東京藝術大学 美術学部 絵画科 油画専攻を卒業。油絵の作品を、個展、グループ展で発表するとともに、加茂克也のアシスタントとして、ヘッドピースをはじめ、プロップのクリエーションに参加。

 Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2013.I have presented works of oil painting at solo exhibitions, group exhibitions.Besides, as an assistant of Katsuya Kamo, I participated in the creation of headpieces including props.
 I directed shooting of fashion magazines with pet snakes. I used the body of the model for canvas and colored the runway with body painting. In this way, I have consistently challenged the possibilities of art in the fashion industry. Also, I am expanding the range of activities by doing a hair model.
 Independence from 2017 based on Tokyo Meguro. Born in Fukuoka prefecture, 1989